Saturday, October 6, 2012

A few things to share

Took several pictures in my booth at Merchant Square yesterday and I would like to share them with you.
I found a couple of books on ideas for having tea with friends.  The tea cups are from my personal collection.  There is also a vintage canister with roses on it that could be used to store tea.    The candlesticks are silvered glass and just beautiful!  And, of course, everyone needs to wear pearls to tea!  I also have gloves in my booth -- and hats!
This is a pic of another cannister with roses on it.  Love these tall, etched apothecary style storage jars.
Remember Big Little Books?  Well, I don't, but they are really nice books.  Note the two old prescription bottles with handwritten labels.  I have several stick pins for sales as well.
I have never seen leather baby shoes with zippers!  This is before Velcro!!
More girlie items.  The little round tray has genuine French lace between glass in it.  The silver baby spoon and pusher are typical English items used to feed baby.  There are a pair of tiny salt and pepper shakes with enameled tops on the tray.

Just a few of the special items I have in my booth.  Hope you can visit Merchant Square soon.  Next weekend, beginning October 12 through October 14 is Merchant's first 3-day sale and the popular flea market is on Saturday, the 13th.  See you there!!

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