Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A bit of sewing, a bit of painting

Yesterday I took a really pretty white dress and converted it to an apron/skirt.  The dress had issues -- the zipper had gotten off track.  It's impossible to fix the plastic zippers.  I know.  I tried.  I sew, but I am not doing invisible zippers anymore!  So I was looking at the dress trying to decide whether to cut it up, or throw it away.  Then it struck me!  Take the tie belt, sew it to the top of the skirt of the dress, remove the zipper and there you have an apron or a skirt!  A pretty apron.  Here it is:
Here is the apron/skirt.  If you look in the mirror behind it you can see the bow tied in the back.
 Here you can see the lovely lace on the skirt.  The dress was beautiful, but the broken zipper ruined it.
This little table is so colorful and shabby.  When I bought it the top was ruined.  So I sanded it down and painted it a bright pink and then sanded lightly.  Decided to paint the drawer the same color.  Then I shabbied the entire piece.  Ready to go in a little girl's room!
Here's the whole table with a mannequin I recently bought and painted gray.  It was several colors before I painted it.
 These almost look ghostly here.  Actually they are drying on a plastic sheet I use for spray painting.  Have converted these brass candlesticks into a group of shabby white candlesticks.  Got the idea off of Pinterest.
Here you can see the brass bottoms.  These candlesticks you can often find at thrift stores for just a few dollars.  Why not spray paint them to match your decor??  Total credit to Pinterest on this one.

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Me! said...

You've been busy! Aren't you having the best time!? I love your creative solution to the zipper/dress problem. It was much too pretty to let it sit in a box.