Sunday, October 7, 2012

Artsy projects that I just finished

I have had several of these pieces that were "in progress" and over the last few days I finally finished them.  Let's start with the purse.
This vintage evening bag is made of black rayon, has a cute clasp that is missing one stone, and is in great condition.  And it is lined with a pretty tan satin fabric.  Have tried to sell it but no one seems to like it in this state.
So, I added this coffee dyed teacup doily and a flower I made out of pieces of old corsages.  I think it may find a new home soon!  I love this added bit to this bag.

I want to start digging into my stash and using the bits and pieces that I have collected for years.  Here is an old compact I decorated.  Used an old pin I bought years ago and added bits to it to add bling.

An old watch case that held watch parts that weren't working anymore.  So here is the nest I made with tiny pearls as eggs.
On an old spoon bowl I added this angel, the rhinestones and the gold medallion.  Nice!
An old pill box got a new look -- steam punk!!  Old watch parts added to the top.  You can put any little treasures inside for safe keeping!
Here are the four pieces together.  Tell me what you think.


Susan said...

Wonderful - I love that you just used bits and pieces you had to make beautiful things!

Diane said...

Love your talent for making the pieces come together. I too have an ols purse, I am turning into a head turner! I'll show you on my blog when it's finished.