Monday, June 4, 2012

Some new items added to my booth.

Spent several hours today working in my booth to add new items and redo some displays.  Here are some of the things I have added today.
I found this darling hen with chicks last week along with the small two-drawer chest she sits on.  The two black boxes on the left are really nice cigar boxes.  Great to add your own artwork to the lids and inside.
Here's the little angel I shared with you last week along with a nice storage trunk I found.
I was so tempted to keep the Paris subway banner, but I don't really have any place here at home to put it.  But it is nice!
Here are two gorgeous cigar boxes.  The one on top unlatches from the side and two pieces of the lid open up.  Great graphics!  Nice storage box!  The one underneath still has the cigar trays inside.  They would make it easy to store necklaces.  Check out the pictures of the inside of these boxes on my Judy B's Shabby Chic Facebook page here.  Click on the first picture then continue clicking on the pics to see all of the photos I added today.
This is a wonderful blue gray 6-drawer metal cabinet.  Great for storage or plants!
This is one of the better vintage children's watercolor sets I have seen.  It was made in England and has great graphics.  No dents but some scuffing on the lid.  Check the inside!
Most of these colors have not been used!!  The original brush, however, has no bristles.  You would have to buy a new watercolor brush.  But what summer fun!!  Underneath this paintbox in the aqua tote is a small book on painting with watercolors, a bundle of three small paintbrushes perfect for watercolors, and two packages of watercolor paper. The watercolor paper is substantial enough to be painted on one side and addressed and stamped like a postcard on the other.  Share the summer fun with family or friends!!!

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Deborah said...

Awesome stuff Judy. I love so much of it. The watercolor set is so sweet and I could definitely use the six drawer unit. I have one that I keep lots of buttons in :)