Thursday, June 7, 2012


I spent most of 2011 losing 30 pounds.  Needed to shed them because of cholesterol issues and also I didn't want to buy new, larger clothes!!  Sound familiar??!!  But I have put back on 5 of those stubborn pounds and can't seem to get rid of them.  A medical problem, surgery in January, and then recovery cause me to put back on those 5 stubborn pounds.  Decided to try something different.  Shake it up, so to speak!

So, as I am looking through the summer magazines, I earmark the recipes I want to try.  Got to be healthy, easy to fix, and hopefully yummy.  Here's the first one I tried for lunch today.
First I peeled asparagus and then boiled them in salted water to just crisp tender.
Also chopped up boiled egg, capers, chives, sliced radishes and flavored with olive oil (in the little bowl) and sliced some lemon wedges.
The asparagus was tossed with some olive oil then some of the above ingredients were sprinkled over the top.  The lemon was to squeeze over all of it.  YUMMY!!!  I will have the remainder of the asparagus with dinner tonight.  This meal fit right in with my Weight Watchers diet and only cost a few points.  For dessert I had blackberries with a dollop of Greek yogurt on top.

With exercising 4-5 days a week at the health club here in Sun Lakes and eating better those pound should disappear.  But I'll believe it when the scales tell me it's true!  And my clothes fit better!

Biggest problem for me -- snacking!  Got to keep occupied and busy in order not to snack.  That's tough to do some days!

Hoping those 5 pounds are soon gone!  They are the toughest to lose!!


Diane said...

I feel your snacking pain......chips are my weakness:)

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain too...and everything is my weakness lol! I am trying to cut out as much sugar from my diet as I can, and distraction is certainly a key to avoid the mindless snacking and eating that I like to do. Drawing, knitting or embroidery are good because you need clean hands ;-)