Friday, June 1, 2012

It's hot out! So I am inside doing artsy things!

I have been busy.  Am trying to get some things made for my booth as well as for my own curiosity as to what I could do with some items.
I have been collecting up tiny compacts, pill boxes and other small vintage containers.  Here are three that I have collected recently.  The little Estee Lauder compact on the bottom left was plain and simple.  I added the religious picture (actually an old lapel button) and encircled it with rhinestones.  The little blue box on the bottom right is a vintage Stratton pill box that has a shabby necklace clasp piece on it.

This is a vintage tin face powder refill box.  I covered the tattered paper lid and then added an old tintype and encircled it with rhinestones.  Sorry the tintype picture didn't turn out so well.  Tried several shots and this was the best one. 

I really enjoyed doing these.  Am still on the lookout for small containers that I can embellish.

Here are two small gift bags that I embellished this week.
This pretty little lady is an image from Paper Whimsy.  The owner, Gale Blair, had offered this image for free on Facebook and I took advantage of the offer.  Paper Whimsy's images are really beautifully done, sharp, clear and can be downloaded from their website immediately after purchasing any of them.

This is the second gift bag I put together yesterday.
I covered it with vintage bits of lace and trims, rose ribbon, a doily with pink and off white flowers.  Then I added an old key embellished with rhinestones and other trinkets.  Had fun doing this one!  Going to do more over the next few days.  Feels good to get back to creating!


Rhonda said...

Judy, your hands have worked some magic on your vintage compacts. They are amazing! I love the tin type!

I've been so hectic at my day job, I've missed visiting the booths at the antique mall.

I hope to see you there one day soon!
xo Rhonda

Emeconeme said...

You are an artist!

Kisses from Spain. said...

Very pretty! I love that last photo, with the ring of pink and white posies around the bundle of charms!

Shirley said...

Hi Judy, I always find it interesting to visit people who have booths. Usually and today is no exception when I see something that bring back memories. I have enjoyed reading your previous post. Have a great week. Your Missouri Friend