Friday, March 23, 2012

Merchant Square 3-day sale this weekend

Merchant Square is having a 3-day sale this weekend and a flea market tomorrow, Saturday.  I have loaded my booth and taken some pictures to share.
Inside my locked china cabinet I have lots of antique and very vintage items.  Here you see fancy perfume bottles, a gold lipstick holder, lovely rhinestone jewelry, rhinestone topped antique hat pins, lacy French gloves and an antique dresser tray in the back.
On this shelf are vintage necklaces, bracelets, a tray with French lace under glass, MOP binoculars made in France, old eyeglasses, and a beaded purse.
On these shelves you can see two turn-of-the-century boxes with celluloid pictures on their lids.  One is a glove box the other is for jewelry.  The insides of the boxes are in near perfect condition considering their age.  You can also see two autograph books (one on top of the old jewelry box and the other is open in front) that were signed in the 1880's.  Beautiful handwriting and lovely sentiments inside each one.
And I have stocked my booth with plenty of frames (white, black and original finish) and mirrors.
The mirror on top of the china cabinet is very old and very heavy!  Would look good with on its side or placed vertically on the floor.  It is really big!

All of us at Merchant Square hope you will visit this weekend if you are here in the Phoenix and East Valley area!  The mall is full of wonderful treasures!


Pallas said...

Your booth looks amazing! Wish I could step into it right now to take a closer look. Sometime I will manage to make that visit I had to forgo two years ago.

mandy said...

Too bad I missed the sale! It looks like you have great and unique items. I love the hat and the french binoculars, I always wanted to have those :) I saw some beautiful vintage necklace pendants too.