Sunday, April 1, 2012

"Under the Tuscan Sun" art workshop day

The weather promised to be warm and sunny.  So when the 14 ladies began to arrive at Carol Wingert's home for the art workshop, we were greeted with a warm welcome by Carol and invited to her back yard to find our own personal spot at the work tables set up outside.
This was the scene right outside the patio door.  That's my spot right there in front!
Off to the left were more tables with all our supplies for the day set up already.  There was another table off to the right of the sliding door as well.  The baskets to hold all the goodies were overflowing with every item to make our travel book plus extras, just in case!
Here I stepped further out into the yard and took this picture looking back at the tables and our work area.  Shady and just perfect!
Before we even started to work, Carol's daughter, Ashley, had prepared this breakfast feast for all of us.  Just reading the menu set your mouth to watering!  So we all grabbed a plate, filled them up with the delicious food, and sat down for breakfast.
Here's the table that held all the breakfast goodies.  Note that the plates were NOT small!!
After breakfast we all found our places at the tables outside and began our workshop creating this lovely travel book.
Our individual baskets held everything we needed to get started and then finish later, if we needed to.  I didn't get done yesterday, but I am close!  Will share more pictures later this week.
In the late afternoon, around 4 p.m., Ashley had set up the dessert table for us.  Check out this menu!  Yummy stuff!
I didn't quite get the tartlettes in this picture, but you can see the Tuscan Sugar Cookies and the Chocolate Semifreddo.  Every bite was delicious!
(l to r) My tablemates were Gloria from Gilbert, AZ, Gail from Lorton, VA, and me.  This was taken at the end of the day.  I think we look a bit tired.  I know I was!
Carol's husband, Vern, took this picture of Carol and me.  It was a really nice day!!
This is the last restful spot I want to show you in Carol's yard.  A pond with waterfall, pond lilies, and koy.  There is a box turtle that lives there as well, but he didn't show up yesterday.

More in the coming week on other things from this workshop.  It was truly a treat!  And I enjoyed every minute of it!  Thanks so much to Carol, Ashley and Vern for a very wonderful day.

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