Sunday, November 13, 2011

Doing some decorating today!

It's cool and rainy outside and the sun has disappeared.  Not complaining!!!  We love the rain in the desert and this rain is much needed!!

Fall is here and I am now decorating around the house for fall and Thanksgiving.  Just for me!  No one else will enjoy it but you folks who will be reading my blog.
This wheat bundle was on sale at half price!  So I scooped it up, put a burlap ribbon around it, popped it into a glass container and surrounded it with an acorn swag.

Also found this lemon cypress tree at the store this morning.  I had seen several of these trees featured in the December issue of Better Homes and Gardens magazine.  Smells great!  I have had this garden urn for sale in my booth for nearly a year and no one has bought it yet.  Too bad!  It's a great decorator piece and so pretty.

I put some rocks in the bottom of it, wrapped the pot in a piece of burlap ribbon, put the cypress on top of the rocks for drainage, then surrounded the pot with wine corks!  Great display!  This is where my "Think Outside the Box" mantra comes into play!  I have picked up bags of corks at yard sales and they are great for decorating!

You can see the puddles of rain water on my patio!  It rained a lot last night.  So lovin' this great weather!

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