Saturday, November 12, 2011


At an estate sale on Friday I found this beautiful brass Hendryx bird cage with the original milk glass feeders.  I nearly jumped for joy at getting my hands on this item!
After I cleaned the free dust off of it and fake flowers out of it, it turned into a real gem.  It's even dated 1920.  It's big, too!  Stands 18" high!

Also found this dusty old Kodak camera and that beautiful pink glass light fixture cover.  Someone who is restoring an old house would love that light cover!  It's gorgeous and in perfect condition!

Lastly, is this sign which I found at FOUND by Domestic Bliss today!  I say this a lot and when I saw the pic of it in an email they sent out recently, I knew it was for me!  So today I trekked to Mesa to buy it!  (((smiles)))
This is my mantra!!  Love it!

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