Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Blog give-away I won long ago!

Earlier this year I signed up to follow and also left a comment on Lesley Venable's new blog.  As it turned out I was one of three of the give-away drawing winners.  This was a long time ago!  Life caught up with Lesley and she didn't have time to mail out my box of goodies until this past week.  It arrived on Saturday last.  And the box was FULL of more than I expected!  My patience was rewarded!

Check this out!
Originally I was to get this lovely wood glove box full of items for art work.  But, as you can see, Lesley generously included many, many more items.

A cigar box full of trims buttons, mica squares and a brass stencil with my initial "J".  The quilt heart is stuffed and ready for decorating.

Vintage books, trims, a postage stamp punch, old album pages, cards, napkins . . . .

I am going to get creating with a lot of these items later in the week!!  Nothing like a goody box full of wonderful items that are new to you to create with!!

I can't just quit with my decorating for fall.  Here's the final layout for my wheat bundle and acorns of the last blog post.
Now it's finished!  The entryway display is now finished.

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