Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Redid some displays in my booth.

Here are some pics of the new displays and items I put in my booth at Merchant Square today.  Those of you who live locally and do scrapbooking might like to know I am putting my rubber stamp collection out for sale.  A few at a time, but I hope to sell most of it at great prices for you!  Check it out!

I love this shabby white ladder, little green potting table and the shabby frame.

Love music pages rolled and contained in this big glass container.  Great way to display the music.

Plenty of pretty things:  tags, decorated book, rhinestone bling, vintage handmade picture of a dancing lady.

Pearls and . . 
more pearls!!

Plenty of vintage sewing notions, vintage sewing box, old tiny sewing machine that is an antique, pin cushions, etc.!

A bowl full of rubber stamps.  All in very good condition and many unused!  At screamin' deal prices!

I love this old picture.  It is hand tinted and hand painted.  I have never seen one done so well, let alone tinted.  Beautiful piece!!

A lovely lace dress that is in beautiful condition.  Label says Scott McClintock -- I can always pick out clothes designed by the McClintock's!!

If you live in the area, please stop by Merchant Square and check out my booth, C-6, and all of the many other wonderful booths in there.  You can even have lunch at Pittsburgh Willie's!  He has a restaurant in there now that has the best hot dogs as well as an expanded menu.  Plenty of tables and there will be outdoor seating when the weather finally cools off!!  Come for a visit!


Susan said...

Your booth looks beautiful. You have everything displayed so well.

Dorthe said...

Judy, -so many wonderful things, I would love to visit your booth,in real...
Everything looks beautiful.

Deborah said...

How lovely Judy, I wanna come spend an hour or two. If only I lived closer

Stampin D Amour said...

Judy - drooling!

I will be visiting MS on Sunday, can't wait to check out the goods in your booth!

See ya at AU on Saturday! :)