Monday, August 1, 2011

Restocking my booth again.

Besides neglecting this blog, I have also been neglecting my booth at Merchant Square.  Once I got back in town I was out shopping for items to put in my booth.  I also got back to doing some artwork.  Take a look!

Put these tags together to display and sell the vintage hat pins I found.  I covered the ends of the pins with the old photos of ladies with hats on.  The photos come from one of Tim Holtz' papers.

Some "Haute Couture" tags I made.  I had made a few about a month ago and they sold out right away.  So I have replenished my stock.  More projects are in the pipe line to get finished this week.  Also working on some repurposed clothing.  That should be interesting!  ((smile))

Was lucky enough to find a lot of pearl necklaces last week.  Great bargain, too, since they were on sale.  So I will be replenishing the pearls in the booth.  Haven't found any bargains in pearls until last Thursday.

I found this pretty plate one day as well as the glass candle holder.  I turned the candle cup/holder upside down, glued (don't you love E6000 glue??!!) a small porcelain knob on top of it, and voila!  A small cloche to protect a favorite trinket or keepsake you have!

This is the plate.  It is marked Germany and has pretty pink flowers and lovely raspberries on it.  So pretty!

It's time to destash my stamp collection so I pulled these out, priced them and they will be in my booth tomorrow.  They are clean and most have never been used.  I am a collector -- can you tell??!!  There will be more stamps coming to my booth in the days to come.

Something else I found recently.  These are heavy gauge wire light bulb covers to put over unprotected light bulbs.  I have seen them painted and used like a cloche to cover small items in a display.  I like the mini plant inside the one on the plate.

If you live close to Merchant Square in Chandler, be sure to check out my booth -- C-6.


Rhonda said...

Hey Judy, welcome back! I'm sure you had a fabulous time on vacation.

Ooooh, I love everything, especially the pearls. I'm no longer at Merchant, had some theft, slow sales, it was time to leave. That doesn't mean I won't be in your booth browsing, for your booth is the best one there.

Judy said...

Thanks, Rhonda! You do a girl's ego good! You are such a sweetie! So sorry to hear about theft. Slow sales are common this time of year. Hope I run into you soon!

Holly Loves Art said...

Such fun new additions! I'm sure your shop will look lovely!

Susan said...

Lovely things for your booth. Wish I lived closer! Your tags are darling.