Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Shopping Extravaganza at Art Unraveled 2011

Had a ball today at the Shopping Extravaganza!  Met a Facebook friend in person -- Jen Cushman.  Saw all the friends I set out to see:  Jack and Cat Curio, Tricia Samsal, Shirley the Artsy Fartsy Fairy, and Jennifer and Wendy of Mystic Paper.
Lesley, me and Mike.  Haven't seen them in ages!  Was so good to see them and catch up!

This is Thomas Ashman of New Mexico.  I loved his dollies!  He calls them Dollies de Los Muertos.  Frankly, I think they are a vast improvement on Catrina who is a favorite of celebrants of Dia de Los Muertos.
He told me they were Goodwill finds he decorated!  Loved them!

Loved this Magnolia Pearl outfit.  She was so busy talking that I didn't have a chance to talk to her myself.  She makes beautiful scarves to go with slip dresses.  Of course, I LOVED the Magnolia Pearl outfit.

Longest stretch Hummer limo I have ever seen!  You could get lost in there!

My only purchase!  I bought this from Karen Lackey of Starshine Salon.  Karen is a fellow dealer in Merchant Square.  I had no idea she was into the artsy stuff.  This form is going into my booth as a display piece.  She is covered with white burlap and weighted at the bottom so she won't fall over.  I see jewelry on her.  I see decorated corsets on her -- although she may be too small for that.  We shall see and I promise to share!

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Anonymous said...

Judy -- I had no idea you were into the arsty stuff, too! So great to find a kindred spirit.