Saturday, February 19, 2011

In spite of the weather, I went out junking today

It's supposed to rain here today.  So far, the rain is to the west and north of my house.  The wind is kicking up and there is a lot of dust in the air.  This is the winter storm that hit California earlier in the week.  However, today is Saturday, and there are yard sales and a flea market close to my house.  I set out at 7 a.m. in the dark to shop.  I was not disappointed.
Finally found some more buttons.  My booth at Merchant Square is nearly out of buttons.  Thank goodness I found these buttons.  They are sorted and priced and ready to go.  Mind numbing activity, but I love it.
I love this leaning teapot!  So cute and it goes with my new flower pot and nesting birds!
Found some tiny items to add to displays in my booth.  Bitsy birds and birdhouses.  I think the turquoise flower pot is vintage.  See the rose decal at the bottom?
While digging through a box of stuff I came across this wall lamp.  I LOVE IT!!  It's turquoise and so industrial or salvage chic!  Best of all, IT WORKS!!
Last, but not least I found this metal box full of old film cans and reels (mid 1950's and the boxes predate zip codes) with actual 8mm film still on them!  Have you seen what film reels go for in the catalogs?  And just to hang on walls!  Swooned over this find.  And  the other metal box holds old slides.  More great industrial chic!

Much more found yesterday and today.  A small coffee table, pedestal table for a plant, old knobbed milk glass lamps, old baby clothes, old baby shoes, old jewelry box, and much more!  Now comes the hard part -- pricing all of it!!


Me! said...

Great finds! And have you see that Tim Holtz is selling film strips for scrapbooking? You have a treasure trove!

Holly Loves Art said...

Score! I love the leaning teapot too... how cute! And we can never have too many buttons. Not raining here either but looks like it might any minute. Happy Saturday!

House of Hullabaloo said...

Can't wait to check out your buttons! It rained hard this afternoon in Gilbert! Hope my outside booth survived!

CeCe said...

My Goodness... You had a great junking day!
I went to two estate sales and was happy with what I bought but maybe I should have been yard shopping too! It is all so much fun!

Rhonda said...

OOHHH, I just love other's finds. Digging through boxes is my first love in shopping, I have found some wonderful treasures that way.

Sweet Sage said...