Saturday, June 27, 2009

Prairie Doves, the last pages

These are the last two pages. This is Ruth Roland with her horse, Joker. Ruth was a famous silent film star in the 19-teens and 20's. She often starred in westerns and performed some famous escapes on horseback from the bad guys. I don't believe I have ever seen a western with her in it. Silents aren't my thing. I bought an old leather skirt at a thrift store and that is the backing behind the photo and the lace. Also an old bandana from a thrift store is on the opposite page. This book was the perfect place to use these.

Got to find a source for small rusty stars and hearts soon. My supply is dwindling. Suggestions anyone? Online or otherwise. Sure do miss Craftmart (all you East Valley dwellers will know what I am talking about).


sherry said...

I have so enjoyed viewing your book. It is unique and oh so beautiful. I say AMEN to craftmart. I miss that store so much

CeCe said...

Ruth Roland certainly looks the part of a movie star.
The book is wonderful. Are you going to take the next segment KC is offering?
Yep, miss Craftmart. Used to look forward to WED. paper for the coupons.

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

wonderful pieces!

and - yes - for wonderful rusty stuff, check out

Dede Warren said...

You're blog has become pure eye candy for me Judy! I am completely smitten with this great work you do!! I hop you'll incorporate some this greatness into our fat book project!! Just love, love, love it!!

Paris Cowgirl said...

I agree, totally miss Craftmart. Your book, absolutely fantastic!

Susan said...

Your book is gorgeous! Love the leather and red on these last pages. For rusty stars, check out M's or HL in Christmas stuff. Last year I found a rusty star garland. I used to buy them in plastic packages for cheap but they haven't been around in awhile.

parasols and maryjanes said...

I just adore your fabric books. I found stars and hearts in the Christmas section at Hobby Lobby 2 years ago - not sure now - But you can make your own from chipboard - I did some that turned out great - got the idea from here.