Friday, June 26, 2009

Prairie Doves 4

This image gave me some pain. Can you imagine wearing a corset and having to tie it tight in order to get a tiny waist which was so popular around 1900?? I couldn't!! That's why I put the following quote on these pages:"Corsets! Too tight! Rather wear my camisole and my pantaloons. Sarah." I have added a vintage garter/stocking piece as well as more lace and a small doily. I don't think they had those fancy garter pieces when this picture was taken. I think these ladies either rolled their stockings or used elastic type garters.

Remember girdles??!!! Ouch!! I was really, really glad when pantihose became popular!! How about you??!!


CeCe said...

Absolutely agree, and dare I say thrilled when another form of feminine protection other than those old straps we girls used to have to use were invented? There are some really thankful things about this day and age! Smile.

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

delightful piece!

Robin said...

I agree with you on the pantyhose! This is too cute...I love that garter embellishment Judy!