Sunday, June 28, 2009

Cowboy Up!

I absolutely love this cowboy image. It was a free download about three weeks ago from The Vintage Workshop. I get a monthly email from them with a free downloadable image. This cowboy was a winner in my book! The belt buckle was new (or nearly so) and I rusted it with Sophisticated Finishes using "rust."
The horseshoe nails are naturally rusted! I have a small stash of the nails but it is disappearing fast. I love them as doo-dads on the cowboy themed collages.

Thanks to Tristan for the link to a website for rusty things! Thanks to Tristan again for helping me with the Sophisticated Finishes process.


Joy said...

It really turned out GREAT, Judy!!! LOVE the rusted buckle & nails........and just everything! ONCE AGAIN...........GOOD WORK!!!

CeCe said...

So Judy, do you just stay up all night long creating? You have quite the impressive body of work to display. Gives your readers many things to see. So Fun. Thank you!

Judy said...

The secret, Cece, is that I get really focused and then work, work, work on it. I don't stay up late at night. I do most of my work during the daytime -- after the essential life errands are done (like dishes, laundry, grocery shopping, taking care of my antique booth, watching plumbers work -- leaking drip system has driven me crazy the past two weeks!). And I have everything pretty much at hand in my spare bedroom/studio.