Thursday, June 25, 2009

Prairie Doves 3

Here are the next two pages in the Prairie Doves book. This is Prairie Rose Henderson. She was a champion bronc rider!! BRONC RIDER!!! After some research I discovered that she was popular in the rodeos, made her own costumes, and dared to actually wear fancy pantaloons (which she probably made herself) when riding! Women in the early 1900's just didn't wear "pants" without a long skirt. Prairie Rose found those long skirts just didn't suit when ridin' broncs!! Now there's a real woman of the West! The quote says "Bronc ridin' is more fun than cookin' and cleanin'. Prairie Rose Henderson." I used a bit of glitz that I thought might have been on one of her fancier costumes and an old bead necklace that she might have worn. What a gal!!! Certainly couldn't picture her cookin' and cleanin'!!


CeCe said...

Even back then we had some women of spunk! I had not a clue there were women bronc riders! Pages are great, Judy.

Tricia Samsal said...

i am loving your book. I need yo make one, you have inspird me!.

Dede Warren said...

You have me just wild for this creative, artistic style!! LOvE, love, lOve... I can't say it enough!!