Monday, May 4, 2009

Soldered charms

Last Saturday I took the soldering class with Josie Cirincione at Mystic Paper. Been wanting to do that for some time to see if I really want to venture into another art form (what am I thinking??). Here are the charms I made:

Here are the two top row left charms flipped:I had fun doing these although I think I will have to get stronger readers (glasses) from the drug store! It was hard to tell if I got the solder all the way around the charms. I didn't buy the equipment and supplies yet. I think I will invest in all of that at a later date -- perhaps this summer because in Phoenix everyone stays indoors due to the hot weather that is coming!

Note the faded quilt piece I used as background?? I am going to coffee dye that to use in an upcoming collage I am going to do through KC Willis' collage camp. Coffee dyeing is on my calendar for later today. This morning I am off to Merchant Square (again!) to hang a new chandelier. I sold a shabby chic one on Saturday. The next chandelier isn't shabby chic, but it is a great piece. Will post a picture for you later -- once it is assembled and hung. Stay tuned!!


Robin said...

I love your soldered charms! I just took a class at my LSS and only did a couple of microscope slides but I can't wait to try doing other items like you did! Thanks for the inspiration:)

M said...

Great class, huh? I love the soldered pencil!!!!!!! Looking forward to seeing where your charms end up.