Monday, May 4, 2009

Coffee dyeing

Here is the pile of fabrics, trims and flowers that I sorted out this morning for dyeing. They have all been washed before and are ready to go. The unwashed fabrics are in the washer as I do this blog.This is a real old piece of ticking and a vintage tablecloth or bed coverlet. The ticking looks grungy along the edges, right?! Well, I asked my friend, Joy, about it and she told me it is actually the downy feathers that are stuck there. I washed the fabric long ago and the down didn't come off. The old tablecloth is in tatters -- and I have a huge amount of it. It won't be dyed. It is the perfect color already!Into the big pot they go! I used vanilla flavored instant coffee and it smells great!Then quickly into the bucket!Then out to the big sage bush to dry in the sun. Don't have a great wood fence or a wood deck. Thought the bushes would do!On to the second bush!
I am not convinced the flowers will come out of this in reasonable shape. My dilemma is with the pretty pillow sham. Here you can see the front folded over the back. Love these fabrics! I think I should take the sham apart and just dye parts of the fabric. I do love the colors as they are now, but perhaps a bit of coffee would help calm the loud off white. Hmm!What do you think? Perhaps a weak batch of coffee?

Here is the newly washed fabrics right out of the washer -- in one BIG clump! Spent quite a while separating all of it. But I did!
Clumpies!! I've got lots of clumpies!


Paris Cowgirl said...

I think you've got an incredible stash of fabrics. I need to hit the thrift stores and look for some more!

Michelle said...

Hey you stole my "redneck clothes dryer" idea! Beautiful fabrics.

Robin said...

Love the sagebrush as a drying rack! I never thought of that...but I am gonnna have to use that in the future.

JWood said...

nice colors and images! thanks for sharing your art experiences with the world!