Saturday, April 20, 2013

Boho Nouveau at Sweet Salvage in April!

Here are a few of my favorite pics taken when my BFF Gail and I went to Sweet Salvage last Thursday, April 18.  So many wonderful displays of great finds.  Gail and I also visited Melrose Vintage to check out their flea market.  Ready?  Here we go:
 Right inside the door was this gorgeous and colorful chandelier!
Simple and very pretty!  Love the rose print.
This was such a colorful display that I couldn't resist taking a picture.  That throw is actually a more vibrant pink than in this picture!
Simple display.  I really would like to know where these pedestals can be found.  I would love one or two!
 This cheery display was tucked into a corner at Sweet Salvage.  And I think it is so charming and very colorful!
Roses, vintage doilies, old purses, old silver, oh dear!  I love it all!
Love the idea of wrapping a dress form in an old tablecloth, and then dolling it up!
 I wish I could have seen this lamp lit up!  I'll bet it makes a room glow with color!
Gail and I loved these chairs and the black cabinet.  Colorful and funky!!

Gail and I also managed to walk through the flea market behind Melrose Vintage on Thursday morning.  I found a few treasures in there!

These beautiful roses were in the rose beds in front of Melrose Vintage.  I think they are just beautiful!  Wish I had the green thumb to raise roses.  Tried to do that once, years ago.  Had no luck.  The bugs and disease beat me!

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