Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A Sweet Review

Every third Thursday of the month, for the last 20 months, my friend Gail and I have gone to Phoenix to see Sweet Salvage on 7th.  One of the owners, Kim Rawlins, has been a friend for years and we have supported her through her growing business. I wanted to share with you a few of my favorite displays at Sweet Salvage from the last 20 months.

These pics were taken in the first building Sweet Salvage held their events.
Love the ruffly curtains, ballet en pointe shoes, and the vanity and chair.
This chandelier and display was inside of a large china closet painted black.  My favorite!!
Lots of glass, silver and bling!
This display captured me the minute I walked in!  Love the roses, delicate nightie, and vanity!
Such a pretty lamp and shade along with a Christie Repasy print! Then Sweet Salvage discovered that they had outgrown their first space and moved to a much larger space just down the street.  The following pics are from the new store.
Love the aqua/turquoise accents.  And that chair is wonderful!
White and aqua/turquoise in this black china cabinet really shows off well!
Real flowers and other garden lovelies make this display seem so fresh and inviting.
Love the bling, the silver, the shoes!

Lovely dresses!  These are just a few of my favorite displays.  Old and new!  Next event is May 16th

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