Monday, February 25, 2013

Vintage photo albums redone

I have had these two vintage photo albums for a long time.  Neither was in very good condition.  The pages are empty (no photos) and were falling out of the albums.  I thought some mixed media artist would buy them out of my booth, but they didn't.  They aren't very big either which makes them perfect for altering or using the inside pages in other artwork.  So I decided to decorate them up. 

Since I was cleaning up my kitchen so the house cleaners can clean (yeh, I know!  Clean before the cleaners!) and the arrangements were already on the albums, just not attached, I decided to finish them.
Here's the first one.  I glued bits of old lace and a piece of cheesecloth to the cover.  I added some nice velvet leaf sprays (new) and then attached these wonderful yellow velvet vintage corsages.  I like the yellow roses with the blue cover on the album.  Lastly I attached ribbon and lace bows and topped them with an old blue stone earring.

The second album is also in shabby shape.  Here it is with it's new "cover".
This one has two vintage flower corsages actually pinned to that piece of burlap you see.  I then threaded the rayon ribbon through the corsages and tied it on the side.  This little album has no backing to it's spine.  No photos are in it either, but the pages are not in great shape.

I have to say that my iPad takes great pictures.  These close ups are pretty amazing, if you ask me.  You can visit my Facebook page and see other photos I took today of vintage frames with lovely wedding photos in them from the 1930's.


Gabriela said...

These are beautiful!You did them great justice!

Rhonda said...

Hello Judy, you had me with the bunched laces handcrafted into that beautiful vintage bouquet. Gorgeous!
Hope you are having a good winter.
Did you see any snow last week? LOL

sjmcdowell said...


This album is stunning!!
Always love your work!!

Hugs and Smiles


Sugar Lump Studios said...

Gorgeous work Judy! they look like they just came out of Grandma's trunk!

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