Saturday, September 29, 2012

Autograph albums, transferware and baby shoes!

Found today at an estate sale for 50% off the price!  A steal!!  Believe me because they are beautiful!  Dated from 1880 to 1906, these albums are precious and hold many treasures.
 Three red velvet covered autograph albums from 1880's to 1906.  As you can see they are in pretty good condition considering their age.  The album with the metal leaves has suffered some injury.  A leaf is miss, one antenna on the bug is gone, and I think there may have been a metal ribbon or something at the bottom of the stems.
 Beautiful script handwriting so typical of that era.  I think this is in German, but not sure.  And there are Victorian die-cuts throughout!
More die-cuts.
Next door to one of the estate sales today was a yard sale.  I found this Henry Alcock & Co. of England, semi-porcelain blue transferware with gold trim!  Pretty good condition for the late 1880's.  There are chips on the back of the platter, but you can't see them.  The covered bowl is in great condition.
 Inside of the transferware bowl or tureen.
 Outside bottom of the bowl.  This set is just gorgeous!  Someone is going to want this for the holidays.
Last, but not least, is this pair of leather baby shoes with zippers!  I have never seen baby shoes with zippers!  Must be a precursor to Velcro!  LOL!!!


Amber said...

Beautiful finds, Judy! Love the baby shoes.

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