Thursday, August 23, 2012

The vanity chair

I bought an old vanity chair in June that needed some work.  The price was right so I thought I could do something with it.  After all, a bit of paint and a new seat cover would be easy to do.  Yesterday I took the dirty old seat cover off of it to discover this:
Under two layers of old padding/batting was the original stuffing of the chair.  Looked like they had used some kind of "grass" to pad the middle of the chair.  My thoughts of painting the chair and then making a new cover went right out the window.  Instead I thought, this looks like the "de-constructed" furniture I see on blogs and on Facebook.  So I decided to do this:
I put back one layer of the old batting used to cover up the seat stuffing and tied it with burlap ribbon.  It is now in my booth at Merchant Square.  And the price is right.  Check it out!
See this lamp?  I love the pretty base on this lamp, but discovered that someone had twisted the base around so that the lamp cord actually came out on the back of the lamp base.  You can see the back side in this photo.
Yesterday I fixed that.  I loosened the base and twisted it so the cord now comes out on the back side of the lamp.  Isn't this side much prettier?  I also removed that really tacky plastic that was wrapped around shade and found this wonderful wire shade skeleton underneath.  The shade even has a lovely scalloped bottom on it.
Here's the back of the lamp with the cord in its proper place.  Glad I took a closer look at this lovely lamp and was able to correct a few of its faults.  It will be on its way to Merchant Square real soon.

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