Saturday, August 18, 2012

Finds for me at Sweet Salvage this week

I ended up taking a lot of pictures in Sweet Salvage last Thursday.  It saves images for me and helps me later on when I want some ideas to spark new arrangements at home and in my booth at Merchant Square.  And, I get to share all the wonderful things that the Sweet Team finds each month for the shoppers delight!

Here are the two items I found:
I love this statue of the Virgin Mary.  Have been on the lookout for one for some time now.  This one was perfect in size and color.  Just a couple of touch ups and here she is.  The rosaries are from my collection.
She is on the chest that is in my entryway. 
My BFF Gail found this darling hat for me at Sweet Salvage.  It was sort of crumpled, but a little reshaping and it is now perfect!  I love it!  This is one of my styrofoam heads that I painted and put false eyelashes on.

I didn't buy much, but I was really happy with what I did find.  I am even happier that I was able to get a lot of great pictures of all the displays at Sweet Salvage this month.  Check out my picture albums on my Facebook page here.  Thanks for stopping by!


Bohemian said...

Judy, loving your Sweet 'Scores' and I take oodles of Images for exactly the same reason. I came away with a gorgeous deconstructed Victorian Lampshade, a Summer Copy of Jeanne d'Arc Living and some German Religious Ephemera. Hope to see you again next Month. The Halloween Event is always my Favorite... being I'm a Wednesday Addams Type of Gal! *LOL*

Dawn... The Bohemian

Diane said...

I love the styrofoam head makeover. It has me churning up ideas!!