Friday, August 17, 2012

Sweet Salvage celebrates its first anniversary!

And I was there yesterday along with my BFF Gail!  Everything was stunning!  Here are some highlights of the displays yesterday.  More pics can be seen of everything on my Facebook page here.
Look at this beautiful dress!! Some lucky person is took this home!  It was gorgeous!
Love this fluffy pillow and great chair!  Tea anyone?
I thought this naive painting was stunning!
This dress form was eye catching!
One of my favorite displays just underneath that dress form featured above.
Plenty of bling and beauty!
Would love the contents of this display case to be transferred to my house!  Beautiful!
Another gorgeous dress!  Red satin!  In this wonderful black, white and bling display!
This colorful display was tucked in a corner!  Very eye catching!  Love it!

Look at all the crystals hanging from this screen!  How awesome this would be if hung where the sunlight could shine on it!  Imagine prism rainbows all over!!  WOW!!
Another display cabinet with all the wonderful things from summer and the beach!
Love the piggy and the little cherub playing the cello!


Rhonda said...

Hey Judy, I got to go FINALLY!! We went after work, around 5:00pm and it was so amazing. I got so many sweet treasures but truly it was great just being there. A lot of talent and a lot of oohing and aahing. Made me want to buy an empty house and start over!

Maybe next month I can meet you there?

Bohemian said...

So good to see you at the Event, you got some great Images! We didn't make it thru the whole store when they 1st opened because it got too crowded for me so we came back much later in the day when it wasn't so overwhelming. Wish I could have seen all the Vignettes in their Pristine pre-ravaged Beauty. *LOL* Glad you captured some of the Images of what we missed. I got the most Awesome Antique Deconstructed Lampshade. Since next Month's Event will be Styled for Halloween I can't wait to see it & Hope the crowds aren't as intense so that I can capture and savor it all through the eye of the lens to share here in the Land of Blog. The Sweet Team always does such an Awesome job and Sources great Found Treasures! So... what did you 'Score' my Friend?

Dawn... The Bohemian