Monday, August 13, 2012

Working on displays at home today

I worked on this display today.  Been in the hot garage going through boxes looking for the vintage pieces I have here plus a few things I recently purchased.  Here's my dress form display:
I had to crop out a lot of "stuff" in order to make this picture work.  Head to toe:  a "new" Annie Hall hat, pearls and other necklaces, vintage collars, a "new" black beaded (on the fringe) scarf/sash and a vintage prairie skirt.  This prairie skirt is one of three that will be in my booth.  The dress form is headed to my booth at Merchant Square tomorrow.
Here's a close up of the hat, necklaces and vintage collars.  I love that pearl necklace!  Can't have too many pearls!
I dug out these two soft white petticoats.  Am going to take them to Merchant's tomorrow as well.  I have marked them down since the last time they were in my booth.

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Mary said...

Oh how pretty!! Love those lace collars and that hat. Those petticoats brought back memories of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd grades and backs of my legs being scratched by the stiff starch LOL.
Love your blog.