Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Updating in my booth and adding new things

On Monday I spent the morning putting new items in my booth at Merchant Square since I had pretty much neglected it for almost two weeks.  Way too long to let it go!  So here are some of the things I added on Monday.
I have acquired several years worth of Mary Englebreit's Home Companion magazine and am selling them off individually.  In this metal basket there are two years of magazines.  Have also acquired these great little cases.  I don't think the black one is vintage, but the other two are.
I am trying to sell this hutch and think it would look better with less on it, but I had so many pretty pink things that I had to put them in the cupboard.  The ruffled netting was probably used around a vanity table at one time.  Got some darling pink potholders there on the second shelf.  On the bottom shelf is a lovely ribbon embroidered pillow, pink gloves, a pink sheer robe for a doll and a nice vintage pink hat.
Here's my wire dress form dolled up with an "everyday" apron and two other prettier aprons for party wear on each side.  I just marked down the price of the dress form today.
This is a really nice camisole that is probably from the early 1900's.  Amazingly good shape and no spots.  I did have to sew on a new button at the bottom.  But otherwise it is in good shape.
Hard to see but there is a pretty white umbrella with a ruffled edge.  This really pretty child's white dress is in pretty good shape considering its age.  Under the dress are a pair of soft leather baby shoes.
I love this English teapot that I found with it's original cover.  It's felt lined and am sure it would keep tea hot inside.  Just too cute!
Lastly are these darling ivory satin shoes.  I think they are a size 7 -- too small for me.  But they are just too stinkin' cute!!  Note the nice sheet gloves with a ruffled edge to match.  Oh so girlie!!

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Diane said...

Such pretty items for sale! Like the hutch by the way....xoxo Diane

CeCe said...

Lovely to look at....