Saturday, August 4, 2012

Trip to Lakeside, AZ last week.

I drove up into The Rim Country of Arizona last week to spend the week with my good friend, Karen, while her hubby was out of town.  Lakeside has many cute shops and I was particularly taken with The White Chair which is located at 1449 White Mountain Blvd. in Lakeside, AZ.  The shop owner, Moli, had just moved into this new building and was working on getting it organized.  But I thought she had done a great job already! 
This mirror is just beautiful!  I also love the round framed flowers and the wire/tin vases.
A birdcage chandelier!  Too cute!  Can either be hung or used on a table top.
This bedside table was so pretty!  Love that nest!
A lovely applique quilt piece highlighted with this pretty chandelier.
I really liked this chandelier!  So pretty!  Note the fabric pieces on the ceiling.  It's a work in progress to cover up the tiles.
I loved this blue cabinet and that gorgeous painting on the top.  Check out the vintage dress with old crocheted collars!
I thought this was a good way to use a cruet holder.

The owner, Moli, has just started a Facebook page.  Be sure to visit her page here.  And if you live here in Arizona and plan a trip to Pinetop/Lakeside, be sure to visit her shop!  You won't be disappointed!  And, visit my Facebook page here to see a photo album of more in her shop.

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CeCe said...

Oh my goodness, I wish I had known you were in town. Would have been fun to meet you at The White Chair to say Hi! We live in the Country Club area very close to the new shop. I have not been there yet. I will have to go, for sure. It used to be a glass company. Anyway, if you visit your friend, Karen, again, let me know. Maybe we could have breakfast or lunch. It has been a little too rainy for me of late. Fondly, CeCe