Monday, June 11, 2012

New furniture finds

I have been looking for some time for a replacement of the cupboard in my booth.  I found one over a week ago in Not Too Shabby in North Phoenix.  So the cupboard is for sale and this piece is waiting to take it's place in my booth.  Here it is:
I am going to line the shelves with pieces of old lace tablecloths.  The inside is the same green you see in the fretwork.  I see myself in that glass!  Yikes!!
I found this wonderful oak farm kitchen table at My Sister's Attic.  Am pretty sure it use to have a drawer, but that is long gone.  I love the color and the rustic appeal it has.

Someone at some time did some ironing on this table and left the hot iron in place a little too long.  Adds character and a story!
And in 1956 Bernie carved his name, year and Fountain Cal. on the top of this table.  At least I now know that the table is over 50 years old!  Thanks, Bernie, whoever you are/were!!  LOL!!!  I haven't decided whether or not I will keep this table.  It is 4 feet long by about 2 1/4 feet wide.  Nice size, but I am looking for something a bit longer for my dining area.  Perhaps this will go in the kitchen eating area -- once I clean out everything!!  You have no idea!!


Jeo Fazzio said...

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Gerry said...

Did you keep the table? If you’re going to use it as a dining table, I think you’re better off finding something else. From the looks of it, it’s too small to be a dining table. It’s much better to place it in the kitchen. By the way, I think the cupboard is a great find. It’s in good condition, and I think it will look even better once you got the shelves lined up.

Gerry Bossier