Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Heavenly finds

I have spent time this weekend doing some treasure hunting as well as remembering that Memorial Day is for our military, past, present and future.  Here is what I found:
This little sweetie was right there at the entrance to My Sister's Attic waiting for me to grab him up and take him home!  I think the "tray" is for candles, but a plant, small books, rosary, small jar filled with shells, etc. would look even better than a candle!  Just too stinkin' cute!
I also found these three concrete decorative crosses at My Sister's Attic as well.  Love those because they look old and crusty.  They are older because the hangers on the back are rusted.  I have also coffee dyed another old book which you can see beside the little angel.  See my blog of May 22 here to see how to coffee dye these bundles.  Easy peasy!!


Diane said...

Hi Judy. I am going to try that book bundle thing. It looks really easy!

Amber said...

Those deep blue eyes are something else! Love the patina, too!