Friday, December 16, 2011

Home Sweet Home at Sweet Salvage, Part I

Yesterday was another fabulous opening day for the month of December's Sweet Salvage!  The theme was Home Sweet Home.  Wonderful displays, a bit of bling for the New Year coming in a couple of weeks, and lots of goodies to make your home your special place.

Have to first tell you that I met up again with my friend, Dawn, of Bohemian Valhalla.  I introduced myself to her a couple of months ago and now we love seeing each other each month right here at Sweet Salvage!  Be sure to visit Dawn's blog for more pictures!
Now, come along with me for a look inside Sweet Salvage on 7th.  Here we go:
This display case was beautiful!  So love the chandelier in the middle section.
Here's a close up of the middle section in the cabinet above.  Sparkly, pretty!!
Silver and pearls!  Love it!
Candles that look like scrumptious desserts, cloches full of bottles, a bit of elegant fur!
Whispery bracelets and pins in a silver bowl full of lavender.
Plenty of rings of bling!  So sparkly and pretty!
Lovely frames, perfume bottles, champagne flutes, and a vintage camera.
Simple, yet elegant displays of books, thread and a silver bowl.
Pretty champagne flutes, clear "ice" cubes, chalkboard, and . . . . . Gift Certificates???  Wow!  Should have told my son about that.  Didn't know!
I would love to have this display cabinet!  Isn't it beautiful??  A close up of a display in here in tomorrow's blog post.  I'm not done!
Industrial carts full of goodies that are industrial chic and shabby chic.
What a nice display for a garden or a patio here in Arizona.  Lovely!
This red wall just sets off all these wonderful industrial pieces and the signs.  I do love that "Time to Drink Champagne" sign!  Sorry I didn't buy that one!  It's great!
Clocks and film wheels, industrial cabinet and lamp, rusty stuff!
Vintage pictures, railroad cars pic, old fan, wire drawers, numbers, old crates!
Cigar boxes, hourglass, books, signs, can't recall what the measuring instrument is called, sorry!
Pretty canvas of flowers!
What a pretty display for an entryway or corner of a den or gathering room!  Love that fern!

I have more pictures to post on tomorrow's blog!  Please come back and check out the rest of my pics.


Sweet Man said...

Hi Judy,
Wow! Great photos and words!
Wonderful to see you with Dawn (The Bohemian). I have become a big fan of both your blogs. Congratulations on winning the contest to get in early.
Jim Rawlins

Judy said...

Thanks, Jim! You rock!

Michelle said...

WOW is about all I can say!!! I have got to get my behind over there.

Bohemian said...

Judy, you got some great images of the Show & I'm so happy that you won an early preview of all the fabulous eye candy and to get photo ops before everything got unfoofed. *Winks* Yes, its always fun to see an Event from the perspective of other people who were also there in the images they captured and were intrigued by.

I don't know how to leave a PM in the Land of Blog so I'll give you my e-mail and you can PM me there so that we can exchange info for a fun filled day out in Glendale after the rush of the Holidays is behind us... that would be fun!

It was so good to see you again... and to meet your Friend that you came with, she was so sweet & we had a good chat while waiting for the fun to begin.

Dawn... The Bohemian

Cranes for Katy said...

so funny...I was there but saw none of this stuff because the lines were so long on both sides of the store it blocked all the displays:( so disappointed that not only did I have to leave empty handed because the lines were over 30 mn long but I didn't even get to see all the gorgeous things!

M said...

I never manage to make it but I can via your great pics. Thanks for sharing!