Sunday, November 27, 2011

More Christmas displays in the house

Time to change over from Thanksgiving and fall and get into the Christmas spirit.  I don't put up a tree anymore since my husband passed away 7 years ago.  But I do like to put up small trees in displays around the house.  Here are the first two I finished yesterday.

I replaced the red southwest runner for this old seed bag.  The glittery tree and the little cloche on the silver stand I bought yesterday at FOUND in Mesa, AZ.  This store has wonderful things for decorating and they were having a sale this weekend.  So I took advantage!

These candles are battery operated.  Love their nice glow in the evening.  I also put out two of my clear crystal rosaries around on the mirror.

And finally this display I put together yesterday as well. 

The little white tree was a great find at My Sister's Attic.  Had to tuck the branches up a bit so it would fit under the tall cloche, but it works!  Now I think I need a few glittery stars to decorate the tree.  Yes, that's just craft stuffing around the base of the tree.  The bottle on the right is an empty Patron bottle decorated with pearls.  The other bottle has a wonderful "Dream" collar with a rhinestone crown -- also a find at FOUND.

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Michelle said...

You always leave me with my tongue hanging out!!!!!! Beautiful! R U going to be at the boutique next week?