Friday, November 25, 2011

A couple of quick inspirations for Christmas decor

I found this wooden bowl in a thrift shop many months ago.  Tried to sell it in my booth, but, as you can see, I still have it.  So I decided to stain it with dark walnut stain and then fill it with old pine cones picked up by the health club.  I painted some of them with white acrylic paint and the well aged gray ones I left alone.  A couple of faux greenery sprigs and, well, here's the finished bowl!
I added the little felt snowman to go with the bowl.  I've had him for years!  Found him while digging through boxes in the garage during a big "clean out" a few weeks ago.

Next is this old blue and off white bowl with gold trim that I picked up while thrifting.  It is old, crazed, chipped, and I think cracked slightly because it sounds cracked when tapped.  But, it sure looks better with gold ornaments and a couple of blue ones tucked in as well.  Those are real greens in with the ornaments.
Unfortunately, I didn't know how to keep my own image out of the reflection in the balls.  Oh well!!


Bohemian said...

Some things were just meant to stay with us for a while longer... I'm loving your bowl vignettes... Lovely!

Thanks for stopping by... yes, Religious and Spiritual Pieces are among my Favorite and Oldest Collections and I can always find so many uses for them in my Decorating and Styling. I'll have to look for that book by Mary Emmerling... hard to Believe there actually is a Decorating/Styling Book out there that I failed to acquire??!???! *Winks*

Just finished Decorating my Tree after Work & really need to roll into bed now... will Create a Post tomorrow Night featuring it... LOVED the way it turned out... went with a Salvage Style Tree & got the Inspiration via those fab Trees at Sweet Salvage.

Dawn... The Bohemian

Holly Loves Art said...

Pretty holiday decor! I love it Judy. Yes, I struggled today while snappy shots by the mirror and keeping myself out of the frame. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Happy holidays!