Sunday, September 18, 2011

Yard sale find -- transformed!

I was on my way to Carol Wingert's Spool Story workshop yesterday and found myself being way too early.  So I took a detour to a yard sale and stopped to look around.  I looked in a box that was on the ground and found three icky yellow and brown flower pots full of beautiful fall mums and leaves.  And it struck me!  These could be repurposed from boring to beautiful fall displays.

Here is the end result!
I painted the pots black and what a transformation!  The mustard yellow and brown colors were so blah.  Then I added burlap knotted ribbon.  Twigs, crows and feathers completed the transformation.  BIG difference!  Just sorry I didn't take a "before" picture.

Pictures soon on the Spool Story workshop.  Visit my Facebook page to see a few pictures.  The button is on the right side of the blog page.

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