Friday, September 16, 2011

Sweet Salvage "Harvest Moon" event

Kim and her talented and creative helpers once again put on a fabulous Sweet Salvage event this month.  The theme was "Harvest Moon" and here are some pics from this wonderful monthly event!

I was very lucky to have been chosen to get in early!  I left a comment on the Sweet Salvage blog.  About 15 minutes before opening time, the door opened a bit and my name (plus two others) was called.  I had correctly identified stuff in the picture on the blog and left a comment.  My name and two others were called to be let in early -- to shop and to take pictures so that you can enjoy a trip through this Harvest Moon treat!  Where were the other two??  Don't know!  They weren't there.  Tsk!

OK!!  Let's go!!
A "bootiful" display of frames, masked and disguised ladies, pumpkins, and other eerie items!
Plenty of creative displays!  So wonderful to see and get ideas for your own displays at home or . . . your haunted house!
I loved this "Ladies Lounge" (see the sign on the mantel?) area!  Plenty of spooky items, purple and black and comfy chairs and a sofa, too (not in the picture).
Or perhaps you would like to outfit your own lab!  Perhaps Dr. Jekyll would join you for a bit of mixing of potions!  Just waiting for the secret ingredients -- spiders, eyeballs, snakes, you know, those special Halloween tidbits that are added to snacks and drinks on All Hallows Eve!
Plenty of wonderful storage for all those secret ingredients that are so important for brews, stews, potions and concoctions!!
Or perhaps you might enjoy something that isn't so scary or icky!!  Love the baskets, pumpkins and fall foliage!  Cute little wagon!
Well, look here!  Floral containers with lovely sunflowers and a bee skep all on this iron display piece!  I love the shade on that lamp in the upper right of the picture!  Big numbers!  Windows!  It was all there!

In all, it was a big success!  Thanks to Kim and her talented designers for putting on another wonderful event!  Can't wait for next month!  Theme:  "French Market"!!  See you then?  October 23!

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Bohemian said...

Judy it was so nice to meet you and Gail at Zinnia's too. I've met so many wonderful peeps through the Land Of Blog and when we can also connect in person it is so much more personal. The Dress Form is currently in a temporary location of my Diningroom, I'll be doing a Post of 'scoring' her very soon. Right now I'm prepping for the G-Daughter Princess T's 6th Birthday Party this weekend, they grow up SO fast!

I think it was great that you got a sneak peek into the Sweet Salvage Event & was able to get these amazing un-foofed photos of all the beautiful vignettes before the crowds descended upon them. So, what Treasures did you come Home with? *winks* I've got Merchant Square on our List of "Must Go To" Junquing Hot Spots now! *LOL, you're contributing to my delinquency!*

Dawn... The Bohemian