Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Halloween is coming!

Are you ready?  If not, I will have plenty of little goodies around my booth for your Halloween delight!  But not until the end of this month.  Here is a peek:

Dug out bottles from the stash.  They have been in the garage for years!  Found a little Halloween song that was in an old music text book published in 1945.

Been making flash cards today as well.  But these are not for the kiddies!  They are for all you collectors, junkers, shoppers and flea market lovers.  These would look great on your fridge, your favorite shelf of stuff, whatever!!  Have fun and post your feelings out there!

I love my new blog background!  Karen Valentine did a fabulous job creating this for me and I am "over the moon" in love with this background!!  There is also a tag on the side bar for you to use to get in touch with her.


Pallas said...

I love your new blog background too - it is wonderful!

Susan said...

Love the new blog look. And the flash cards are super cute!

Bohemian said...

I'm loving your new Blog Background too Judy, Karen is a very talented Artist! I also love these Flash Cards, perfect for vignettes.

Dawn... The Bohemian