Sunday, July 31, 2011

Getting back into the swing of things!

I know I have been absent for a long time from my blog.  Been in and out of town several times this month and just haven't been paying attention to anything that wasn't necessary.

So, here I go.  I went to Virginia about a week ago to celebrate my granddaughter's 7th birthday and my son's birthday.  Kara is such a sweetie pie and growing up so fast.

Here is Kara.  Slightly sunburned from a few days at a lake in New York for a family reunion (not mine).  She is getting so tall and letting her bangs grow out.  Such a big girl!

Kara and her American Girl doll named Laura (after her mother).  Laura is wearing the dress I made for her for Kara's birthday.

Discovered while there in Northern Virginia that American Girl has opened a new store in Tysons Corner, VA.  So we all went to Tysons to visit the new store. I am officially in trouble now -- knowing that the store is so close!  I would love to buy many of the outfits and accessories I saw there for Kara and her doll. 

The store is a wonder to behold inside!  Loads of dolls on display dressed in their finest with the best accessories ever!  A hair salon for the dolls.  A restaurant for lunch and a soda fountain where you can get ice cream.  The place was packed and you had to wait in line to pay for your items or get your doll's hair styled.  We all bought something for Kara's doll.  Had a ball!

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Susan said...

Welcome home. Your granddaughter has really grown! I'm glad my girls missed the American G irl phase, but I'll be in trouble when I have grands!