Saturday, July 9, 2011

Redoing my bedroom a bit

I have discovered some finds recently and now I am going to hang them in my bedroom.  Got to change things a bit every now and then, right??!!

This fantastic original watercolor has been in my booth at Merchant Square for months.  So I decided to bring it home and put it in my bedroom.  I love flowers!

Found the bottom oil painting at Zinnia's on Melrose last Thursday.  I love the colors and the fact that it is soft and fuzzy.  Goes well with my other rose picture that I bought some time ago.  These are unframed canvases.

I moved my favorite roses pictures to over my bed.  They go nicely with the flowery pillows that I love.  I am done in my bedroom for now.  But who knows?  The next great flower picture I find may just be making it's home in my bedroom.


Holly Loves Art said...

How lovely Judy! It looks like a darling B&B and so pretty and cottage-y! I love redoing and freshening too. Have a great day.

Pallas said...

The roses are so pretty in your room. That is one of the nice things about having a booth isn't it - to be able to 'store' things you love in your own home. When I had my antique booth years ago, there were things I decided to keep for myself, and still others that I regret having sold.

Stampin D Amour said...


I didn't realize that my favorite booth at Merchant Square is YOURS in the front corner! I LOVE your little booth! I stop by there every time I am in the area! I could tell that the Dealer of that booth was Artsy & creative!

If you are ever over on the west side of town, check out my teeny booth ((96)) at the Brass Armadillo...

Will you be at Art Unraveled next weekend? I'm there again this year as a vendor, in the ballroom! :)