Saturday, June 4, 2011

An Altered Corset Bra or Merry Widow

Seems like I see more and more clothing that is altered from its original state.  Sometimes I see corsets or merry widows worn over other clothing.  I pick them up whenever I find them making sure they are clean and in good condition.  Here is one I picked up several weeks ago.

This is the first one I have decorated.  It is really pretty and is off white in color.  It needed some more oomph!  So I added more lace and some bling!

I added older soft lace around the top and the bottom.  Then today I sewed on by hand the vintage rhinestone necklace.

Here's a close up.  I think this would look great over a plain white tee that fits closely to the body and then add a lacey sleeveless vest.  All over jeans or a long white skirt with ruffles on the bottom.  How cute would that be??  Don't know yet whether or not I am going to sell it on Etsy or in my booth at Merchant Square.  I can't wear it, unfortunately.  It's a 34B.


CeCe said...

This is adorable...just adorable!

Paris Cowgirl said...

Oh to be able to wear that!

VillaBacio said...
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Dorthe said...

It is BEAUTIFUL Judy-oh wow, it will look kreat with a pair of jeans and a vest- wonderful done.

Anonymous said...

OH wHoW! this is stunning..and such a good idea...I mean why not take plain bras and make them Victoriana fancy like! I think I'll do this for some of my boring pieces and wear them! you know, to spice things up! lol....

ciao bella