Monday, June 6, 2011

Pillow redo

I bought this plain pillow several weeks ago for several reasons.  One, it is a great color for my couch; two, it is in dark brown burlap with a muslin ruffle; and, three, it was on sale for a great price.  Here is the pillow.

I thought yesterday that it needed something to give it a better look.  After a search through my box of lace and doilies I came up with this:

Much better!!!  Now I won't be covering up its plain-ness any more!


Rhonda said...

Now that, is one fabulous pillow!
The ruffle is amazing!

I love what you have done with it, Judy.

Anonymous said...

That is gorgeous! I love what you've done...and the doily you added is just the right touch. My mother used to make this pattern....she learned it in romantic is that! I've been thinking of crocheting this pattern lately..and I think you've just gone and convinced me!

ciao bella