Sunday, May 8, 2011

A place to visit -- The Embellished House

Last Thursday, Joy and I went to visit The Embellished House in Scottsdale after we had read about it on Karen Valentine's blog, My Desert Cottage.  We weren't disappointed!  The Embellished House has a bit of everything!  From the colorful, to the blingy, to the "steampunk", to just wonderful!  All in one place!

The colorful!

The blingy!

Some salvage, some steampunk!

Industrial storage!  Salvage chic!

Clocks and globes!

Silver and glass!  My fav!

Trophy cups!  Why can't I find these?
Perhaps because they are all here!!

Bottles, frames, candelabras, chandeliers!

I love these tags!
The necklace says "collect" on one side --
"lets face it...I want it all." on the other!
I bought it!

I recommend you make a trip to see The Embellished House on Scottsdale Road, just north of Shea.  It's worth the trip!  Take my word for it, there isn't another place like it in Phoenix!  It has something for everyone, whether it's blingy or steampunk, it's there!  Visit soon!

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