Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Gone to the birds!

Lately, I have been crazy about birds.  I really enjoy watching the Gambol's quail that wander through my back yard.  The mockingbirds are nesting somewhere close by and they regularly chase other birds away.  Just yesterday they were so noisy that I went outdoors to check and a hawk flew out of my tree, circled the neighbors yard and flew away.  The mockingbirds had notified everyone that a hawk was close by.  And my trees have several dove nests in them.  Love the birds!  Hope the hawk was hunting for bunnies -- my yard is nearly overrun with them!  And my neighbor feeds them!!  Ack!!!

Here's what I have been working on that reflects my "bird love."
I pulled out a box full of vintage children's blocks (mine as a child) and stuck them together to spell "birds".  I have made these bird tags using 7 Gypsies Conservatory papers (8"x8" paper pad).  Also added vintage sheet music, ribbon, and an old bird stamp torn from an old envelope.

I am also getting ready some displays for my booth at Merchant Square.  I bought all of these items over time and am now ready to put them in my booth to sell as well as pretty it up a bit!

Even my blog background got changed last week to a bird theme.  Well, I am off to play bridge.  Do you love the birds, too??