Saturday, April 30, 2011

Weekend sales finds

I have to say, that most of the sales I went to this weekend were full of clothes, baby clothes, baby items, children's toys, and tools!  None of which I am interested in.  Got so I drove by a lot of sales and only stopped at a few.  Was able to get to a couple estate sales as well and did better there.

Here are some of my finds this weekend:
This wonderful bath talc container called "Bath Talc and Kisses from Mary Quant".  How vintage and pretty!  Still holds talc.  What surprised me is that it shakes from the bottom!  Remember Mary Quant??  She's the fashion designer who created the mini skirt and hot pants that were so popular in the 1960's!!  Twiggy modeled her clothes in the 60's!  Mary's still alive and still designing clothes!  The paper flower was a gift from a friend.  Love the shabby rhinestone dress clip and the bitsy perfume bottle.

I found these two orphan children's shoes at an estate sale.  Couldn't leave them there even though they are not pairs.  But they make great display pieces and even pin cushions when decorated.  The blue shoe is too cute!
Also found this pair of children's buckaroo boots.  Still thinking about keeping them and put them in a display until I decide to change the display.
Last, but not least, is a 1946 Audubon Bird Guide and a pair of "opera" glasses that fold up in their red case and would fit in your pocket.  I did like these!

Those are my finds.  Weren't many, but I like them!

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Gale Blair said...

Some great stuff! I love the rhinestone clip and that wrestler's boot is very interesting. A good haul.