Sunday, March 27, 2011

Next Saturday . . . .

I will be attending a very special event/workshop led by Carol Wingert.  It is called "Bon Voyage An Heirloom Boutique Event/Workshop" to be held at her home.  This wonderful invitation came in the mail on Friday.
Artwork by Carol Wingert
I signed up for this event a couple of months ago after I had ran into Carol while she was shopping in my booth at Merchant Square.  She told me all about it.  And since the first workshop was filled, she decided to open a second one.  I knew right then I would sign up and attend.
Artwork by Carol Wingert

Tucked inside this Passport were all the details about the event, where it is located, what to wear because we will be inside and outdoors as well, what supplies to bring along, and special places to shop since a lot of attendees are coming from outside the area!  I am so excited!!
Photo and artwork by Carol Wingert
Please visit her Creatologie blog here to see more about this event.  Since the workshop is full, you can order a kit to make your very own Bon Voyage Heirloom Collection VII album.  Check it out!!

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Sarah said...

This book looks amazing (I watched the video)! Have fun at the class and please show pics of your completed project.