Tuesday, February 8, 2011

This was a great find yesterday

I hit a few thrift stores yesterday and came across this:
Someone lovingly and probably laboriously put this Christmas tree picture together by gluing down bits and pieces of vintage jewelry, vintage beads and lots of green glass shards.  It measures 16"x20".  Now I truly appreciate all the work that went into this.  But I bought it to take it apart.

It is so old that the glue had completely dried out and a flat blade screw driver pops most of them off easily and cleanly.  I bought it for the jewelry for my artwork.
It would take a very long time for me to find broken rhinestone pieces, beads and earrings.  This saved me a lot of time hunting -- especially for the rhinestones.  However, I still look for vintage jewelry to sell in my booth.

After I take all the bits off, I plan to take the background piece out and paint the frame white and sell it separately.  Will also bag up some of the beads and sell them separately as well.  Nice find! 


Robin said...

What a fantastic find Judy! I would die for all those jewelry pieces. I have never found one of these in my junking adventures but would love to.


Rhonda said...

Awesome find - how many ladies did you almost knock over when you saw it, LOL

I love thrifting too.

I stopped by your booth last Saturday and loved everything in it. I controlled myself, I needed to update my bookcase...curses!!! I had no time to shop.

Judy said...

Believe me, Rhonda, once I laid eyes on that I made a bee line right to it, snapped it up, and carried it to a cart -- I didn't have one at the time. The lady that checked out behind me asked what I was going to do with it and I told her the story.

CeCe said...

What a great find ! You know, at first glance, one would think Ugh.. but when considering repurposing, which is what many of us love... one thinks Awh!!! Good for you!

Susan said...

WOW, I'd say it's more than a great find - how about AMAZING! You'll have tons of goodies to use in your artwork.