Sunday, February 13, 2011

Pretty as a . . . .

Seems that I see a lot of young women wearing vintage full slips as dresses or over other clothing.  Have noticed that on a lot of blogs lately.

I recently shared with you a pretty full slip I had found.  Well, I brought in one of my dress forms from the garage and put the slip on her. 
Then I sorted through a box of vintage collars I have and found the collar you see.
I think this old collar is so pretty and feminine.  Next came the necklace I had put together from other old vintage necklaces.
I like the whole thing.  Not exactly Magnolia Pearl, but a good substitute.  This will go into my booth at Merchant Square real soon.


Robin said...

Looks absolutely beautiful Judy!


CeCe said...

Luv it on this love day! Very pretty.