Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The pink tree

I took the pink tree into the antique mall today and decorated it as well as the table it sits on.  Here are the results:
I love this pink tree.  I bought it last year after Christmas when it was on sale.  Today I decorated it with ornaments in white, pinks and red.  I also added a serving bowl full of Christmas craft items, bags of vintage ornaments, a white Eiffel Tower with a pink wreath, a box full of glittery postcards.  Note the pink and blue switch plates on the wall.  A great find on Sunday's shopping.  They are vintage and very pretty!  The little pink tray in front of the tree has bags full of frost white ornaments that look like Christmas tree bulbs.  So you can see I added lots of goodies today.  More to come in another day or two.

Be sure to visit Judy B's Shabby Chic for a few more pics of items taken in today for the booth.

I also visited with my sweet friend, Kim, of Sweet Sage Vintage while in Merchant Square.  She was fluffing and organizing her booth today as well.  She was kind enough to give me this little gift of tea roses in a tiny bottle.  Thank you so much, Kim!  I love them!!  Be sure to visit her blog and check out the pretty bottles she has decorated and put in her booth at Merchant's.

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Sweet Sage said...

Hi Judy!
Happy you're enjoying the little roses .. sincerely wasn't expecting you to blog them :)!
Passed by your spot yesterday on my way out and the tree looks awesome, as does everything else in your corner! .. as always!!
Always great seeing you .. wishing you a sweet season ahead ..
Thanks so much for your encouragement~
p.s. the doll heads are stunning, too *.*